We launched small online publications that we curated as visual dairies. It's a continuation of our journey to promote art in any way we can. To have it not lost in galleries and homes, but to be everywhere! On the streets and dirty walls and even in the hearts of people who feel they don't need it it. Between these struggles we again want to emphasise on the fact the art needs to be a part of everyone's daily life. In the form of a song or a conversation, a painting or an idea, even a discussion. Art needs to be everywhere and easily accessible.

A guide to embracing the rebellion in you and becoming part of the small percentage of people who have passion and vision and go lead with their hearts. Scroll right to view more.

A little guide to our favorite city, Karachi, to the place we call home and to the city that makes us feel crazy and sane all at once. Scroll right to view more.

We use our signature style of illustration to create a quirky world that is art meets fashion in these monthly photoshoots.