Six Eyes Collective was founded in 2016 by Pakistani artist Marium Kamal and Safwan Subzwari. Together their love and passion for art and culture propelled them into a world of art, film, fashion and music. They started from going around the city of Karachi painting it’s dirty walls to now where they have created several murals around the city. The duo slowly ventured into other art related fields from holding music and art therapy sessions, giving talks on originality, to illustrating/writing children’s books. The duo also is involved in creating original music by the alter-ego ‘Shikari’ as well as short films. Both Artists continue exhibiting their individual work in exhibitions around the world.


Art exhibit
KARACHI: An art exhibition featuring works by Marium Kamal and Safwan Subzwari was recently held at FOMMA DHA Art center. Art enthusiasts and socialites attended the exhibition


A short documentary about Six Eyes Collective: